Embody Chair by Herman Miller

So what makes the Embody Chair of Herman Miller so special? Is it because of the design, the name that goes with the product, the innovation, technology, or the health benefits? When it comes to Embody, it is going to be all of the above. That is why it is going to be worth every penny that you are going to pay for it.

Embody Chair - The BEST Ergonomic Chair

Have you tried sitting in front of your computer for such a long time, say, 8 hours or more? If you are not too picky with the chair that you are going to use, you will realize that you will start feeling back pains after a while. Since most of the chairs don't have any arm rests, you will also feel the strain not only on your wrists but the rest of the arms. Moreover, there are already a number of people who are losing their good posture because they do have a tendency to crouch down.

Thus, one of the foremost advantages of using the Embody Chair is back support. You can lean or recline, it doesn't matter. You will never feel any pressure and pain in your back, especially the lower area. There are also plenty of levers and knobs that you can adjust if you want to really feel comfortable while you're sitting.

You will also notice that the back of the Embody Chair is shaped like an S. What it tries to follow is actually the contours of your spine. This way, the chair will be able to follow and still support your back and your weight regardless of the positions that you're going to take while sitting.

The chair can also be titled through its rotation points. This is important so that the bottom part of your back will remain glued to the seat and you can maintain good posture and last longer when seating. Your head will also be in line with the computer or laptop monitor.

What are the sizes and colors available?

You really don't need to be concerned about sizes, since the chair is so adjustable. In fact, it can fit any body size. Around 98 percent of your entire body is attached to the seat, so you really don't feel tired at all. As for the colors, it's available in different range of colors see our Embody Chair Colors page for more info.

Embody Chair helps the world

Another good reason why you should buy the Embody Chair is how it preserves Mother Earth. Ninety-six percent of the materials used in its manufacturing can be recycled. This means that when you no longer have to use the product, they won't instantly be considered junk. Moreover, it doesn't contain PVC, which is not only harmful to the environment but also could be very dangerous to your health. Embody Chair has certifications to prove its commitment to protecting the environment.

You can also save some utility costs, since the mesh layer of the chair doesn't only enhance the aesthetic features but also cools you. You may no longer need to have your air-conditioner running at all times.

Where to buy an Embody Chair?

Embody Chair is a product of Herman Miller. You can buy an Embody Chair online from an authorized Herman Miller dealer. Below we listed all authorized Herman Miller dealer that sells the Embody Chair. Why buy from an authorized dealer?